Guided walks – Downtown of Pécs

Get the most out of your visit to Pécs by joining one of our guided walks!

Explore Pécs’s fascinating past, its iconic sights and hidden gems and learn about quirky facts and behind-the-scene stories!

Walks leave from Pécs Point (1. Széchenyi Sq.) on the following days:
1 May–30 September on Mondays and on Fridays at 2pm, in Hungarian and English.

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

Pécs lies between the South Transdanubian region of rolling hills and lush forests of Hungary. The Mediterranean-style city was awarded European Capital of Culture title in 2010, and, in fact, that city has preserved this status even today. Of the city’s countless attractions, Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, declared to be a Hungaricum (a unique Hungarian product or attraction) in 2014, undoubtedly stands out.

4th Century Eearly Christian burial sites – part of the UNESCO world heritage

Sopianae, predecessor of Pécs in the Roman times had its late Roman Paleochristian cemetery included in the UNESCO World Heritage list in the year 2000. In their architecture and wall-paintings the excavated finds present the Early Christian burial architecture and art of the Northern and Western provinces of the Roman Empire. From among the Hungarian world heritage sites the Early Christian cemetery is the only one that has won itself a place on the UNESCO world heritage list in the category of culture-historical architecture.